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Powered by our founder's 21 years in the industry, and role as CTO of a 2000+ employee, publicly traded software company, electric plum is uniquely qualified to help define your organization's technology strategy.

From custom software development to strategy consulting, we can help you solve problems. Choosing the right technology is an art and a science. How much time do we have? What constraints are we operating under? Build or buy? These are the questions we'll answer.

We have spent years solving problems and trying various technical solutions so you don't have to. In my CTO role at Blackbaud, I constantly evaluated technology trends, solutions and vendors. If you need help with a technology approach, I know we can help.

Please feel free to contact us for a free discovery conversation: (843)345-1231 or

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Mobile Web Facts

  • 90% of phones today can browse the web.
  • By 2014 Mobile Internet usage will overtake Desktop usage.
  • Half of all local searches are done from a Mobile device.
  • Friction-free mobile presence. No Apps to download, no App store hassles.
  • Web sites optimized for Mobile form factors have fewer defections and a longer average time spent on the site when viewed from a mobile device.

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