electric plum has deep expertise in building Rich Internet Applications. If you need a mobile-optimized solution, we'll choose the right technology for the job. HTML5, Adobe Air or Silverlight, we can help you deliver the richest user experience.

Rich Internet Applications can be a loaded term. From high-fidelity JavaScript powered sites, to hybrid applications that leverage the power of local computing resources and the Web, we have you covered.

We have extensive experience with leading RIA technologies such as Adobe Air (in fact that is our favorite since code that runs in the RIA can run in mobile apps as well).

Our hugely popular Electric Mobile Simulator tool was built on Adobe Air. Air is cross platform, and perfect for kiosk and media-rich applications as well.

Please feel free to contact us for a free discovery conversation: (843)345-1231 or services@electricplum.com

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Mobile Web Facts

  • 90% of phones today can browse the web.
  • By 2014 Mobile Internet usage will overtake Desktop usage.
  • Half of all local searches are done from a Mobile device.
  • Friction-free mobile presence. No Apps to download, no App store hassles.
  • Web sites optimized for Mobile form factors have fewer defections and a longer average time spent on the site when viewed from a mobile device.

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