Introducing HTML5.Assist

The HTML5 professional developer/designer's assistant from electric plum, that helps ensure your content shines on every mobile and desktop device.
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* The trial version is fully functional, and has built in support for purchase and activation with no additional downloads required.
* Updated 6 August 2015 - Adds Visual Studio 2015 Support

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A platform built specifically for rapid HTML5 and mobile web development

  • Build server-compatible content with no Web server required, and no content restrictions
  • Use local file:// or c:\ URLs and local cross domain AJAX; all content will execute and behave as if it were delivered from a Web Server
  • No sandboxes imposed when you are prototyping

World Class Mobile Web Simulation - For over 40 Browser configurations

  • Simulates dimensions and user agent for most popular modern mobile web browsers.
  • Respects full screen app mode meta tags
  • Accurately simulates browser chrome placement and behavior
  • Easily switch to different resolutions and devices for rapid responsive break point testing.

Linked Browse - Test your responsive designs at multiple resolutions, on multiple simulators, in real time.

  • Multiple instances browse in conjunction
  • See how your site/web app looks on multiple devices and desktop resolutions at a glance.
  • Each simulator runs in its own private process with its own private developer tools.

Visual Studio 2012 and 2013 Integration

  • Add your project to the "Browse With Simulator..." launch menu with the click of a button
  • Supports both Visual Studio 2012 and 2013

Geolocation Simulation

  • Use the integrated graphical map interface to set geolocation coordinates.
  • Integrates in real-time with JavaScript geolocation APIs

Powerful "Responsive" Feature Capability / Testing Environment

  • Each project has its own private web and storage cache
  • Projects "remember" their resolution and settings
  • Quickly toggle between different screen dimensions and mobile browser simulators, perfect for responsive design, development, and testing
  • Easily toggle key HTML5 features and make sure app or site degrades gracefully

Conext Menu - A Rich Set of Functionality

Based on Chromium - With all the developer affordances

  • HTML5Assist is built on a custom fork of Google's Chromium engine
  • HTML5 support mirrors Chrome 35
  • Customized Web Inspector and JavaScript developer tools included.

Integrate With Your Favorite Editor - with Live Reload

  • Associate your editor of choice with your project
  • Make an edit, save, and all HTML5Assist Instances auto-reload and retain page position.

And Much More

  • Perfect for classroom and training environments. HTML5 Assist is an excellent tool for teaching HTML5 and JavaScript. The integrated environment, live reload, and ability to execute any content without the need for a web server helps teachers and students focus on the content and not infrastructure requirements.
  • Cutting edge, embedded Chromium HTML5 rendering and JavaScript engine.
  • Scores 508 on the HTML5 test, matching Google Chrome 35+ functionality
  • Accelerated WebGL Renderer
  • ECMA6 support - Get comfortable with emerging new JavaScript ECMA6 language enhancements today
  • Quick Screen shots. Save screen shots of the active content with no clutter or browser ui chrome.